#16 How Webflow Quietly Grew Without VC Money

In the world of website builders, Webflow is in the league of its own.

A torchbearer of the ‘no-code’ movement, Webflow enables creators to build and publish websites without coding.

Today, Webflow:

  1. Has more than 45,000+ paying customers

  2. Attracts over 4 Million visitors each month

  3. Generates $20+ million in annual recurring revenue

Most importantly, they have fueled this growth by generating revenue and not by burning VC money.

In 2013, Webflow raised a seed round of $2.9 million.

In 2019, Webflow raised a second round of $72 million resulting in an estimated valuation of $350+ million.

During the six years between these two rounds, the Webflow team has built a profitable, self-sustaining, and cash-flow positive business.

Today I am sharing Webflow’s growth strategies that any bootstrapped SaaS business can adopt.

Webflow's Growth Strategies

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