#5 A Lion Pride does not go hungry

“Understand audience”

“Help customers”

“Delight customers”

Twitter, Facebook groups and blogs are filled with these advises.

Delighted customers are great growth levers, indeed.

But these advises are cliches.

Easy to write, get shares, comments, likes.

Nothing actionable there.

Here is a strategy you should execute this week to get more users, delight them and build the growth.

Adult male Lions who are not part of a pride face difficulties in hunting alone. They also find themselves susceptible to be attacked by a pack of wild Hyenas.

However a Lion Pride lives comfortably; hunting, sharing and growing all the time.

If you were a Lion, would you not prefer to live in a Pride?

Build your Pride, not to hunt but to serve.

Let’s see how.

Zoom video conference has grown well past its well established competitors in a short period of time. One of its growth strategy has been to position itself as part of a powerful Pride.

Let’s look at similar site matrices for Zoom and its competitors to understand this.

Similar sites for Webex

Similar sites for Skype

Similar sites for Zoom

Considering that similar sites metrics is based on the similarity within the group of people visiting them, it is safe to say that while its competitors were fighting in ‘meetings’ and ‘conferencing’ space, Zoom went out and built partnerships with companies in other verticals to create a seamless experience for its users. Users can have great experience in using Zoom along with other apps for scheduling, conferencing, storage, project management, team communication and more.

One way to understand this partnership ecosystem that Zoom has built is to consider Zoom as part of a stack from user’s point of view. Zoom has been successful in positioning itself as part of an elite stack of top product driven startups.

What does it mean to you?

Be part of a stack.

Of course if you are new startup with only a few users, established SaaS companies will not entertain you.

You will have find relatively young companies to partner with.

Take this example:

  1. A new CRM company studied its audience.

  2. It came to know that a large part of its audience is also looking for an email scrapper service and a funnel builder service.

  3. It reaches out to a number of new companies under both of these domains.

  4. After few rounds of discussions, company A (CRM) forms partnerships with company B (email scrapper) and company C (funnel builder)

What all they can do together?

  1. Offer extra discount to each other’s existing users.

  2. Promote themselves as a complete solution stack to new users, at attractive prices and with well integrated APIs. People spend a lot of their time finding out tools for their needs. It will save a lot of their time.

  3. Share insights, build new product features, simplify on-boarding, build knowledge bases and a lot more.

“But I have just started and have like 10 users of my product, how can I build partnerships?”

🎁 Imagine if someone calls you tomorrow and offers to bring in 10 more users to your business, will you not listen to him?

Since we are here, suggesting to form a pride, here is an interesting documentary on lions -

National Geographic Lions Documentary [4 Minutes]

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Problems causes despair, challenges inspire courage!

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Spend this week in figuring out the requirements of your audience and then building your Pride.

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