#9 Breaking Down Notion's Organic Growth Strategies

Notion is valued at more than $800 million, has one million users and upvoted by more than 6000 Product Hunt users.

This over the top growth is a lesson for early stage SaaS startups.


Because almost all of Notion’s growth has been organic.

In the past few days, I have taken a deep look at Notion’s growth strategies and discovered that most of them are organic.

Today, I am sharing a research into Notion’s growth strategies.

If you are looking for organic methods to grow your SaaS business, you should get tremendous value from today’s research.

Notion's Growth Strategies - Click Here

If there is any other company whose growth strategies you would like to be revealed, share with me here.

Expert Speaks…

Sahil Lavingia - Founder at Gumroad

Ankur: What one organic growth strategy would you recommend to early stage SaaS startups?

Sahil: Define organic growth?

[Ankur’s note: Ofcourse Sahil knows about the organic growth. He probably asked it to clarify the intent of the question.]

Ankur: Any engineering, marketing or product activity which leads to higher profitability without the need of paid advertising.

Sahil: Cold emails.

Prompted by Sahil’s question I have further refined the definition of Organic growth as -

Organic growth refers to improvements in KPIs due to any engineering, product, customer relationship or marketing activity without the need for paid advertising.

Great questions lead to the discovery of meaningful answers 🙏

✨ KPI = Key Performance Indicator

Words on Mindset

World is full of fractal patterns. The pattern of micro is the pattern of macro.

The message and positioning that will work for first 20 users will scale and work for next 1000 too. Iterate and discover the message that resonates with your first 20 paying users.

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