#14 An Omni-Engagement Ecosystem

Engaging visitors, prospects, and users like a pro!

If you are in the SaaS business, chances are you hear the following terms every day:

low traffic, low conversions, fewer users, high support tickets, low NPS, and high churn (or low retention).

You are not alone; these are real business problems.

They hurt your growth machine and bring down profitability.

For example, this SaaS benchmarking report says that if the retention rate is less than 90%, your business is likely a slow-growth business.

These problems may look independent of each other, but they have a single root cause.

Without solving the root cause, a solution to any one of these problems may cause another problem.

Going after the root cause will bring synergy in your actions and solve all the problems for good.

That root cause is ‘low engagement.’ 💡

Today I am going to show you an end-to-end user engagement ecosystem that you can readily build to acquire, monetize, and retain users.

Specifically, I am going to discuss:

  1. How user engagement affects everything?

  2. The design blueprint of an end-to-end engagement ecosystem

  3. How to design the user engagement based on the user life cycle?

  4. How to split up the acquisition cost and use it to maximize ROI?

  5. A real-life case study to win back churned users.

  6. The data system for Alpha engagement.

Let’s dive in.

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